About Sojourn Guest House

Sojourn Guest House is a part of the HerbaLine Global Wellness Group (HGWG), accentuates on beauty, comfort and stress-free services and packages. The vision is straightforward, everyone deserves an experience that lightens the body and mind. At HerbaLine Global Wellness Group, we aspire to offer a unique and holistic wellness experience based on the "EAT WELL; LOOK WELL; LIVE WELL" principle via 3 primary brands.

Sojourn Guest House [LIVE WELL] is a haven of healthy living focused on your well-being while traveling. With a wide range of amenities up to 4-STAR standard, comfortable beds and cosy setting for you to take a breather, the space is uniquely designed for you to relax and indulge in tranquility. Our caring staff will make you feel like part of the family, with their sincere and gracious service and our thoughtful personal touches.

Each Sojourn Guest House features a Mama Kim restaurant, "Where Healthy is Yummy" [EAT WELL]. A nourishing menu of delicious meals such as signature dish, Sauna Mee will be sure to satisfy your craving for home style cooking. Guests may want to experience the sublime relaxation, and renowned service in our Herbaline Facial Spa [LOOK WELL]. A relaxing retreat will begin with our unique complimentary journey, and continue with one of our signature facials, a therapeutic massage or soak in our private dipping pool, all delivered with our legendary service.

"We got all you need to recharge your body, mind, and soul. You will feel right at home at Sojourn, where you will discover a new way to stay."